How many times have you thought about cleaning out your closet and then in a fleeting moment,
you are off doing something else? It's amazing how quickly our homes can become cluttered and unorganized, especially if it's a smaller home. There seems to be those certain places around the house where things accumulate. Paper and mail on the countertops and tables. Clothes tossed on the floor. What about that "junk drawer"? Seems as though everyone has one. It's the drawer that catches it all. From paper clips and rubber bands, to batteries and string. Have you ever had this thought? "If I could just get organized I could stay organized" If we could get the little things taken care of, perhaps the larger tasks might not seem so impossible.

Getting your household organized doesn't have to feel like an impossible dream. You can take it all in stride. Start by making a list of the areas that are the most visibly cluttered and work your way down to the smaller tasks like paperwork. Keeping your paperwork organized can be a monetary and time saving practice. Look for an article on this subject in the future.

You could make some extra cash by selling the exercise equipment you haven't used in years. Why not sell the kid's clothes and toys that have been outgrown before they were worn out?

When you clean out the closet you might find a number of items that can go to a consignment shop.
The general rule seems to be, if you haven't worn it or used it in a year, get rid of it. Turn your cluttered space into profit. You can sell things through the local paper or maybe even advertise at work. If the weather permits, a yard sale may be in order.

If you have the time, you may want to put the items on an online auction. To ensure safe transactions, set up a separate account just for this.

If you find that you have so many unwanted items and you don't know what to do with them, you may look at sending your surplus to an auction. Don't think you'll make tons of money doing this. The auctioneers, like the consignment shops, usually require a sizable commission.

Plan to spend just 15 minutes a day on getting your household organized. You will probably find that you are spending more than the 15 minutes a day. But even if you stick to a short period of time each day, you will be organized faster than you had ever imagined you could be. Get the rest of the family involved with your organization tasks. The kids can make a pile of toys they no longer play with and clothes they have outgrown.

Of course, if you don't want to sell things, you can always donate them to your local thrift stores. Giving is a gesture that always pays back. It's not a monetary gain, but giving will make you feel a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment. There are also recent scientific reports that say giving can add to your longevity. It's not just good for your soul, but your physical well being too.

Having less clutter in your life will free your mind for more constructive thoughts
and give you more time to be productive.

And perhaps some extra cash!