How can I save on my car insurance?

Avoid having comprehensive and collision coverage for automobiles that have little or no value.
Check your policy.

You may also save by:

  • Having your homeowners
    insurance with the same company
  • Multiple vehicle plans
  • No accidents


My fiance and I plan on walking down the aisle in six months.
What financial questions do we need to ask each other before
we get married?

First of all, be honest about your finances and your credit history. If one of you has bad credit and the other has great credit, most likely the one with bad credit is going to minimize the buying power of the two of you together. You both need to know all of the debts you have. Work out a budget now. This way you will know how much you will be able to afford for housing and what problems, if any, that need to be addressed.

You really do marry the other person’s credit history, for better or worse.


I should know how to balance my checkbook, but I never learned.
Where can I learn how?

It’s easy! You can go into your local bank, sit down with a customer service representative, and they will show you how. If you want to do this on your own, look on the back of your bank statement. There is usually an explanation and worksheet there for you to use.

You can also call your Certified Credit Counselor.

If you don’t have the money in the checking account, don’t write the check. In some states you can go to jail for writing bad checks. Plus bad check fees can be a hefty $50 or more at some banks.


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