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Pioneer Credit Counseling provides free credit education and counseling programs! You will be immediately supplied with our Simplified Guide to Financial Life Skills at NO CHARGE, whether your inquiry involves financial counseling, budget counseling, or a full debt management program. This course consists of a pretest, 7 chapters of education, and a final exam, which covers basic money management and financial life skills information and is available in English and Spanish.

After completion of the Simplified Guide to Financial Life Skills final test with a passing score of at least 70%, you’ll be awarded a Certificate of Achievement and a notation can be made on your Credit Bureau Report showing your improved money management skills by completing this course.

In addition to the Simplified Guide to Financial Life Skills, those clients that are eligible for the debt management program can receive continuing education through the Credit When Credit is Due program in which they also receive a Certificate of Completion upon graduation. This course consists of 12 lessons and a final test and covers more in-depth money management and is also available in English and Spanish.

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