Baby Saving Tips

I'm sure it won’t come as a surprise when I tell you that babies are expensive. Many of you may already be parents and have experienced the wonderful bliss of children and the amount of bills that come with it. For those of you that are planning your first child, We will provide some money saving tips and information that will help you plan for your new bundle-of-joy.

There is some information you should find out before you plan on getting pregnant. You will need a well-planned budget to see if you can afford the extra costs. If you are employed you will want to discuss and review your company’s “maternity leave” policy. Examine your health insurance to see what will be covered. If you feel that your current policy doesn’t cover enough, you may want to shop around for a policy that fits more of your needs.

Questions about your Health Insurance plan:

Does it cover prenatal care?

Does it cover laboratory tests,

medications, and sonograms?

What hospital costs are covered?

Is there a deductible? How much?

Is newborn health care included?

What is covered if there are complications from pregnancy, delivery, and post-delivery?

Does it cover nursery costs?

As an expecting mother you will generally need to change your eating habits and wardrobe. There are certain nutritional needs while pregnant which can include foods or even vitamins that you generally don’t buy. Prepare to increase your monthly food budget to accommodate for the specific foods. Your doctor can help you determine your specific nutritional needs. It is important to stick to those guidelines for the health of the baby.

Another good idea before you are expecting is to start a baby fund. Open up a savings account especially for baby expenses. Commit a certain amount of each paycheck and any extra income. Instead of using that spare change for a soda, keep it in a jar and deposit it into the account at the end of nine months. You might be surprised how much change you accumulated. You can then use the baby account for expenses that come up during pregnancy and stock up on baby supplies if they are on sale before the baby is born.

Maternity clothes will also have to be considered. Here you have more options to save some money. You can always borrow maternity clothes from a friend. You should buy gradually, what fits at four months may not fit at eight months. Buy sale items and check out resale stores for good deals. Don’t limit yourself to only looking in the maternity store or department. Chances are you can find a good deal on loose fitting clothes in other departments. Most importantly though, is to buy for comfort.

Some soon-to-be mothers may be fortunate to receive gifts at a baby shower. If shopping for items yourself there are ways to save. For items like cribs and car seats it is important to buy for quality and you may need to look for a sale on a new one instead of buying an older one second hand. Make sure they meet safety guidelines. Baby clothes can be fun to buy but it can definitely add up. Try to avoid expensive “cute” outfits that may only fit the baby once. You’ll be surprised how many outfits that the baby will never get a chance to wear before they have grown out of it. Friends and second hand stores are the best sources for used baby clothes or toys. Summer time rummage sales can be a gold mine for baby and maternity clothes, and toys.

Having a child is a wonderful thing and with smart planning and budgeting it can be less stressful which is important for you and your new addition.

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