College Saving Tips

This fall you may have children starting college or returning for another semester. There are some easy tips and suggestions to help save your child from having to spend all that hard earned summer cash.

Buy books online or used. Used books are great and a lot of the time they come pre-highlighted. If you’re a returning student ask a friend who may have taken the class before you if you can buy it from them. Bookstores buy back books and return very little money. Offer to pay him a few bucks more than what the bookstore will give. You will still save a large amount. Just make sure that the class is not going to update versions of the book. (Bookstores will generally not buy back books if new books are going to be introduced the next semester.) If you have a close friend that is in the same class, share the book and schedule times when the each of you will use it.

It is crucial that you meet all Financial Aid deadlines and the information is correct. This will prevent headaches when it comes time to pay for the semester.

Take the time to fill out scholarship applications. The paperwork might seem intimidating but it will be well worth it if they are chosen. Even small amounts that they could receive will help. They can contact advisors or department chairs to find scholarship information.

A great way to save is with dorm furniture. It’s easy; hand-me-down furniture, garage sales, even thrift stores will provide adequate furniture for a college student. College furniture will go through a lot of wear and tear and there is no need to go buy something new. If you do decide to buy new furniture invest in a futon. They are reasonable priced and space efficient for cramped dorm rooms.

Contact any family or friends that have had a child recently graduate from college. Chances are, they are not going to need their mini-fridge, extra microwave, or worn recliner anymore.

Make sure your son or daughter gets a hold of their roommate before the semester begins. Discuss what each one will bring. This will avoid both of you going out and purchasing items that you won’t need two of. (TV, fridge, couch, microwave, stereo, phone, etc.)

Following a few of these tips will help ease some of the costs and prevent those desperate phone calls home for more money.

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