Easter Fun

April is just the beginning of the spring blossom and Easter holiday. Easter brings another time of year for kids to be spoiled with candy and goodies. There are many ways you can celebrate and not over indulge in store bought plastic toys that won’t make it through the weekend.

Dying eggs the night before Easter is a popular tradition. Why spend more money on a dye coloring kit when you can use things that are already around your house. Mix 2/3 cup of water and 2 tsp. of distilled vinegar to each cup for every color you want to use. Add food coloring to each cup until you have your desired color. Experiment with a combination of colors to get an array of more colors. Use wax crayons and rubber bands to draw and decorate the eggs. Use a spoon or bend a paper clip to dip the eggs in the dye. Let the eggs dry in the original egg carton.

Easter baskets are fun gifts for children on Easter morning. Again you can make your own and save yourself some money. A popular choice for baskets is using the small plastic baskets that strawberries sometime come in. These are always a fun use for crafts so the next time you buy some it may be worth it to save the container. You may want to ask the produce person at your local grocery store if they have any extra that you can use. Instead of buying messy Easter grass that sticks to everything, consider using construction paper and cutting it into strips. If you have a paper shredder than your work is a lot easier.

Don’t forget to recycle your Easter eggs. As long as they are not too damaged from the Easter egg hunt you can still eat them. They will make a nice afternoon egg salad sandwich, or are good by themselves. You can even use the eggshells as compost to help start your summer garden.

To save on candy you can use some leftover candy from the after Valentine’s Day sales or even make your own hard candy. There are many recipes online and in magazines. If you have the extra time then making hard candy and suckers will save you money as most recipes are made with sugar, water, and some flavoring. Use fruit and vegetables in Easter baskets as well, tell your kids that the Easter Bunny eats carrots and has shared some of his carrots with them. Don’t forget books, they make great guilt-free Easter gifts.

No matter how you celebrate the Easter holiday it is important to not get carried away with excessive toys and candies. Time spent with family and enjoying the upcoming summer season are just as important than stuffed animals and plastic cars that will be lucky to make it until next year’s crop of Easter eggs.

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