Fair Time

The fair is just around the corner and there is no better way to spend some time with your kids and enjoy an affordable day. Rides, cotton candy, admissions, they can all add up, but there are ways that you can enjoy and still save money.

Check out the fair schedule. There you will find information on events and specific days that have special offers. Many local sponsors offer coupons for discounted admissions or midway rides. Once you get through gate admission, the fair is loaded with free entertainment, as well as, educational events. Most events for children are free and can range from sand castle building, bubblegum blowing contest, water balloon toss, and pumpkin decorating. The fair is also a chance to see local artists and photographers showcasing their work. Your kids can also learn about the importance of agriculture or perhaps how static electricity works.

Here are a few ways to save on admission and rides.

Buy tickets in advance: Many fair offices are open year round and give discounts for advance purchase of tickets. You can also check online to see if advanced tickets can be purchased.

Wait for days with a substantial family discount: Many midways will have a 2 for 1 day, or an unlimited ride wristband. These are good if you have more than one child or an older child that plans on spending all day on the rides.

Pick up sponsor coupons: Sponsors will give away coupons for free or with a small purchase at locations outside of the fairgrounds.

Attend during the day: The midway can be packed at night with older kids. Going in the day will give you more time to ride and less time waiting in line.

Limit the amount of snacks bought at the fair: Too many tasty treats can empty a wallet fast.

Don’t spend money on carnival games: Many of the prizes you can find cheaper in a store and any of the big prizes are attached to the games with the lower odds of winning.

Some of these tips will help you and your family enjoy the annual activities of your local fair.

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