Get in Shape for Less

We would all like to be in the best shape possible, but unfortunately time and money can prevent us from staying fit. Not all of us can afford to spend money on health club memberships, and even if we could it’s hard to find the extra time to go there. Here are some tips and exercises that you can do around your house that will help you keep in shape.

Just 20 minutes a day will leave you with more energy and in better condition to tackle the day’s events. There are many benefits that come with working out at home. You don’t have to feel intimidated by other members of the gym, or have to wait to use equipment.

You do not have to dedicate as much time when you work out at home, you can do exercises between other chores or activities. Between travel and wait time at the gym you can waste up to an hour of your day.

You don’t have to worry about sweaty germs from sharing equipment. You can also listen or watch whatever you want when you work out at home.

You can purchase cheap videos or DVDs for a home workout. You can also record a program from TV and replay it whenever you wish. Some libraries may also contain videos that you can rent for free.

The best motivation is to recruit others to join you in getting fit. This way you can share resources and tips with each other. If you have fitness videos you can trade off with a friend.

Some of the best exercises do not require any sort of equipment. Simple push-ups and ab crunches are the most popular exercises you can do for free.

Use things from around your house as weights. Plastic milk cartons filled with sand are a great substitute for dumbbells. Metal clotheslines can be used as chin-up bars.

There are many exercises you can do with a plain chair; dips and elevated push-ups, and with light weights you can do tricep presses and shoulder raises.

Why spend money on a treadmill or exercise bike? Take a walk or a nice enjoyable bike ride outside. You are saving yourself a tremendous amount of space and money, and the fresh air is that much more healthy for you.

Workout while you do housework. Try doing lunges the next time you vacuum. It may sound and even look silly, but how many people do you invite over to watch you vacuum, might as well kill two birds with one stone. If you are carrying groceries into the house do a couple of arm curls with the bags for a quick biceps workout.

Simple stretches can be just as beneficial to health as lifting weights or doing aerobics. You can do a series of stretches while you are watching T.V. or paying bills.

If you want to add to your home gym with a couple of weights or other equipment than keep an eye on the classified ads. Things like barbells and weight benches can come cheaply and don’t wear easily.

If you are looking for more complex equipment make sure to inspect it to make sure it functions properly. There is no use buying a large exercise unit if it doesn’t work or looks like it may soon break.

When it comes to exercise and weight training it is important to contact your physician to find if you may have any limitations. You will also want to consult with someone who can show you proper techniques to prevent you from injuries.

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