Moving Expenses
Remember all the costs

When it comes to moving or relocating, there are many things to consider when it comes to the cost. Moving can be a very stressful event to endure and many people have to do it every few years. Here are a few of the items to consider and plan for before you move.

You will inevitably need boxes and there is no need to buy any. (Besides where do you buy boxes?) Go to your local grocery store to find out when their shipment comes in and ask if they can save some boxes for you. Most will be happy to oblige, since they usually recycle them anyway. It’s easier for you if they break down the boxes and then you re-tape them when you are ready to use them. If the store has a liquor department ask for wine boxes, as they are great for packing glassware.

If you are renting an apartment or house, or if you are trying to sell your house, you will need to do some extensive cleaning. You can do it yourself and rent a carpet cleaner and/or floor buffer. It is still best to try and do this all yourself because it will save you some money, but will take up time. Many rentals will clean the carpets after you leave anyway so you may want to ask, or it may be required to get your security deposit back.

The time leading up to the move to the time you get settled in and unpacked can leave you little time to prepare meals. You will probably be spending more money on fast food and take out. So adjust your food budget accordingly. You may not want to buy a lot of food at the grocery store, and try to clean up all your leftovers so that you don’t have to throw them out and waste food.

Most of you have learned that the most inexpensive way to move is to call up a friend with a truck and a couple of burley buddies to move the heavy stuff. There are definitely some pros and cons to this age-old moving maneuver. It will definitely save you money, with the cost maybe being a couple pizzas and a cold twelve-pack.

But it’s hard to convince friends to help you move across state or even across country. So the buddy moving company is only efficient if moving across town. They’re also not professionals, which can lead to nicks and damaged items and it may be hard to get reimbursed when they are the ones doing you a favor.

You may just rent a truck and do everything else on your own. There are some costs and concerns that come with renting a moving truck. There is the base cost of the truck and there may be additional charges for the amount of mileage put onto the truck. Make sure you have good directions to your destination to avoid unnecessary mileage. You may need to purchase insurance for the truck.

You also will need to consider the amount of gas you will use. If you are moving a great distance, this can be a significant amount of money. Moving trucks have huge tanks and are not really known for their great gas mileage. Make sure to inspect and note any previous damage to the truck so you are not held accountable for them. If you choose to hire a professional moving company there are things that you will want to find out.

Research and compare prices for different moving companies. Many companies charge in different ways. They can charge by the hour, distance, amount to move, or any combination. It’s important to ask what the charges are and if there is a minimum charge. Some moving companies will come in and package all of your stuff with their own packaging supplies.

It is important to discuss all possible charges with the moving company before you hire them. You don’t want to be shocked when you get the bill because there were items you did not account for. You can negotiate the contract to make you feel more comfortable. Make sure you talk about damage responsibilities for furniture and damage done to your previous home and the home you are moving into. It is a good idea to research the moving company through the Better Business Bureau to check on their customer satisfaction rating. This will also help you avoid any moving business scam artists. There are companies that load up all of your goods and will hold your furniture hostage until you agree to pay more.

Since professional movers work in the service industry, gratuity is not expected but if you are pleased by the job of your movers, than you should feel free to tip accordingly.

If you know that you will be moving soon, start saving now to account for some of the extra expenses. It will make the transition a little easier if you don’t have to worry about draining your bank account.

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