Pest Control

Even though the summer may be over soon you may still have an infestation of insects. This can become even more of a problem when the temperatures cool and the bugs want to make their way inside. Here are a few ways to treat this problem without having to buy expensive and harmful chemical treatments.

Ants can be a very annoying problem once they have penetrated your home. The best way to avoid an ant problem is to get rid of any temptations that will attract them. Keep sugars and sweets in airtight containers. Ants are also attracted to grease and fats, so you don’t want to keep any dirty pots or pans in the sink. Wipe down counters and floors with a mixture of vinegar and water to eliminate any tempting odors. You can also use any type of citrus or mint to deter ants.

You also want to find the source of these ants. Inspect your yard for any anthills. If you find one, boil at least a gallon of water and pour directly into the entrance of the anthill. You may have to do this a couple of times. A mixture with vinegar may also work.

Here is a simple flytrap that is more discreet than the sticky paper that dangles from the ceiling. You need a jar and you can use a lid or even some tin foil to cover. Poke holes just big enough for a fly to get in and put some bait in the jar. Bait can be some sugar water or a piece of raw meat. The fly will be attracted and fly into the jar but will not be able to find their way out, leaving them trapped.

Spiders are annoying and some can cause nasty bites. Prevention is key to avoiding spiders. Spiders like musty, dark, places like cardboard storage boxes, dirty clothes, and garbage. So keep boxes in storage or use containers that you can seal to store items. Keep dirty clothes in a hamper and shake out any clothes that might have been sitting in the corner for a while.

Another item that many people have begun to use but that does not have any scientific reason to why it works is a hedge ball or horse apple. Hedge balls are a fruit that are placed on counters or other areas where spiders have been seen. They really do not have any other purposes because eating the fruit will make many people nauseas. You can generally find hedge balls in the produce department for a cheap price. People swear by them and for the cost it may be worth it to see if it works at your house.

Here are some outdoor tips to keep rodents and bugs away. Make sure you keep grass clippings, firewood, or compost away from the house. Keep bushes, weeds, and grass trimmed away from the house. These are all habitats for bugs and rodents and it is only natural that they migrate to warmer places when the weather gets colder. It is a lot easier for them if they don’t have to travel that far.

Some of these techniques may or may not work for you but it definitely beats having to use chemicals or fumigations that are not only unsafe but are usually a lot more expensive.

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