Prom Savings

Spring will be here shortly, and with the spring months comes a big event in a teenager’s life, and that would be the Prom. Prom also means coming up with money for this traditional formal event. This can put a strain on a family budget and cause tension between kids and parents. The following is few ways parents and kids can save money and still make it a memorable and fun evening.

Start by planning ahead. Discuss with your parents and your date how much you want to spend and who will pay for what things. This will help split some of the costs so one person is not stuck paying for everything.

Here are some fun alternatives that will save you money. Instead of going to a salon, have a bunch of your friends do your hair and makeup or do it yourself. You can also save money by going to a cosmopology academy to have a student get you ready.

You can save on a dress by borrowing one from a friend or renting one. Renting can also be expensive, if you look around you may find a dress that is cheaper than a rental. Maybe you or a family member can make a dress or alter an existing one. Many consignment shops and online stores feature new dresses at a quarter of the price.

For guys, unless you know someone you can borrow a tuxedo from, you are probably going to have to rent one. Ask around for the best price and negotiate. Go with a few other friends and ask for a group discount. If your date isn’t concerned about a tuxedo you can save by wearing a nice suit and tie.

Dinner is not only expensive it is often overcrowded. You are not only competing with other couples and prom groups, but with the regular weekend crowd. So instead of waiting all night for a table, why not have a sit-down dinner or barbeque at home. Invite friends and parents over for a potluck. You can set up a backyard deck or patio into a nice scene for a prom dinner. Even ask some parents to serve as the cooks and waiters as you enjoy a fun meal with friends.

Transportation to the prom is important as well. Limousines are a popular choice, but are expensive and overdone. Perhaps you know somebody with a classic car or new luxury vehicle. Though they may not let you borrow that car, they may not mind escorting you to the front doors in style. If you do choose a limo, get as many people as the limo will fit, that way the cost is split between more than one person.

If you bring your own camera, more than likely you will capture more memorable photos than the boring ones that cost extra money.

Parents that are helping with costs may want to set limits and guidelines to how much they want to spend. If the child is working and is willing to pay for extra expenses then they should feel free to do so.

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