Shopping Frenzy

Are you preparing yourself to wake up at four A.M. the morning after Thanksgiving so you can get all the “Door Buster” sales?

If you are, you will be among the many who kick off the Christmas shopping season. It has been dubbed the busiest shopping day of the year, but it is actually the fourth or fifth busiest in dollars. The Saturday before Christmas has been generally ranked as the busiest day for shopping. Nothing like last-minute shopping.

Here is a Shopping Survival Guide to get you through the hectic times.

Set limits: Determine how much you are going to spend for gifts. Make a list of everyone you are buying for and the amount you are going to spend on each of them. Like we mentioned in Tiny Tikes, if you want to spend more on one person that means you will have to spend less on another.

Plan ahead and know which stores you are going to go to.

Do not go beyond your budget. Extravagant gifts are not worth a year’s worth of debt.

Just because it’s a great deal does not mean you have to buy it. So a DVD player is $20, but you don’t know anyone who needs one. Don’t buy it.

Don’t wait until the last minute. There are more people vying for fewer items. You may miss out on good deals and be stuck buying things that are out of your budget range.

Shop for some items online. There is a good selection, no lines, and no fighting for a parking spot. Many stores have online specials or coupons you can print out. Just watch out for shipping charges and make sure to order with plenty of time to get it through the mail.

Save your receipts. Most stores offer gift receipts. This will solve any size or duplicate gift issues.

It may not be as fun as shopping, but gift cards are a great idea. You set a specific amount and don’t have to worry about over-spending on a person.

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