Student Loan Debts

There are many different ways for you to get assistance on those lingering student loan debts. It may not be easy but if you are serious about eliminating your debt than some of these options may be right up your alley. These opportunities will be easier if you are fresh out of school and have not landed your first big job or if you are debating a certain path.

Volunteering your time and energy is not only a good thing for your spirit, but also for your financial future. Dedicated service in the Peace Corps can qualify you loan forgiveness and deferment. It is possible to reduce your total outstanding balance by 15% each year of service. If you have Perkins loans you may qualify for up to 70% of your loan to be cancelled.

If spending long periods of time outside of the country is not a good fit for you why not try the domestic version. Americorps also provides generous assistance with your federal student loans. Each program also provides you with money to accommodate your living expenses.

It is important that you contact your lender to discuss the specifics of the program. Each lender will be different and contain different allowances. You will also want to explore your options for either a deferment or forbearance while you are completing your service. For more information use the links below to find answers to your questions and put you into contact with a representative.

Good news for all of you who received a teacher's degree. There are programs out there for you that you may qualify for that will forgive a portion of your student loans. Teachers who choose to teach in lower-income schools or communities may qualify for certain amounts cancelled from their loans. Teachers who are specialized in Math and/or Science may also qualify for certain assistance in loan reductions. Many of these options have dates and deadlines and require certain qualifications. It is important to check with both your lender and your particular schools to determine what factors you qualify for.

The armed services have always been proud to advertise their ability to assist you with your financial needs for education. They not only can provide you with money to go towards your education after your service, but have programs for those who choose to enlist after their education. At the time of this article, the Army's website advertises that you may be able to pay off up to $65,000 for full-time service and up to $20,000 for enlisting in the Army Reserve. Of course there are certain qualifications and you would be making a very dedicated commitment and is nothing that you want to rush into.

You may also want to check with your employer. Many companies help assist you if you decide to go back to school to further your education, but there are some that will help you pay back some of the loans that you already have out. You could also negotiate it as a part of your salary requirements. If you are on a student loan tiered payback agenda than you might want to find out if you will be receiving raises that will accommodate your gradually rising loan payments.

It is important that you pay your student loans back and on time. Many programs are based on the assumption that you are in good standing with your lender and have not or are currently not in default. There are still plenty of options out there for you if you have not made up your mind yet or you are still looking for employment. Speak with your lender about a deferral or repayment schedule that better fits your current situation.

Student loan debt can feel like a very heavy burden, but making wise decisions and even taking risks that you may not have previously considered can make you feel like you have super human powers.


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