Trick or Treat

Halloween is a fun holiday for children and parents alike. Why not enjoy the festivities more by not forking out a bunch of money.

Start with the costume. Store bought costumes can cost anywhere from $20 to $50 dollars. You can always wait until the day of Halloween to try and find a bargain on the costumes that nobody wanted, but that will probably not go over really well with your child.

Instead, have fun and be creative with things that you can find around the house. There are many websites that have ideas and directions on how to make original costumes from home. If you happen to know how to sew than you are that much more fortunate, because you can create your own costume at a fraction of the price.

You may be having a Halloween party for some of the neighborhood kids. You can make decorations and games from items around the house. A package of cotton balls can be used to make scary spider webs. A couple rolls of toilet paper can be used for a mummy race. Another quick idea is to buy a couple of helium filled balloons. Then take a white garbage bag and use a black marker to make two eyes. Put over the balloon for a real flying ghost. You can still use the garbage bags after Halloween.

Visit the library and check out cookbooks or search online for a lot more games and homemade snacks that you can make for entertaining. You can make your own hard candy and wrap it yourself. Hard candy is very affordable to make and will save you from having to buy pounds of commercial chocolate.

Scarecrows are a fun-to-make decoration for the autumn season and are great for Halloween. All you need is some old clothes and stuffing. Have your kids rake up all the leaves and use them to stuff the scarecrow. You can even use a carved pumpkin for the head.

Make good use of your pumpkins by using the insides to make pumpkin pie or bake the seeds for a tasty snack. You can season your seeds with salt, or another popular choice is sugar and cinnamon. Make sure that only the older kids enjoy the seeds, as they can be a choking hazard.

If Halloween is not your favorite holiday or you don't want to spend money to give away goodies then all you have to do is make sure that your porch light is off for the evening. This will tell children not to come to your house. If you happen to still get a guest or two you can politely apologize and inform them that you ran out of candy.

These are just a few last minute ideas to help you have fun this October 31st.

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