Visa Buxx Card

In today’s economy it is essential to learn how to budget, manage money, and shop responsibly. A great way to teach this to teens is by using the Visa Buxx debit card. Since it is never too early to start learning, the Visa Buxx debit card is a great way to teach your teenager how to use credit responsibly and effectively. It also allows the parents to monitor the teen’s spending habits in order to help guide them along.

Visa Buxx is a prepaid credit card that was created especially for teens. This will help teens understand the basics of how credit cards work, while at the same time teaching them how to budget in real life situations. This card can be used wherever Visa cards are accepted.

The benefits for parents are that they have complete control in determining how much money gets “loaded” on the card and how often (weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, etc.). Loading refers to how much is added to the account in terms of money. As an example, parents can set up a direct loading feature to correspond with allowances.

The Visa Buxx has a website where parents can monitor their teen’s spending habits in order to address possible inappropriate spending habits early. It also gives parents the ability to suspend the account at any time for any reason.

This is a great way to prepare for adulthood without some of the adult consequences such as bad credit scores if the card is used in an incorrect manner. Remember, the Visa Buxx card is a prepaid credit card, not a credit card based on credit so the teen can only spend what is on the card. This is a good way to keep money safe while traveling or making sure money isn’t accidentally lost or stolen.

Teens can also take a quiz offered by Visa to show their parents how Visa Buxx can help them. This quiz is graded, but it also is a tutorial that helps with developing key elements to budgeting and spending.

To take the quiz now, go to:


The only person able to use the card is the person whose name appears on the front of the card. At the same time a second form of identification may be needed when using the card if a merchant asks for it. If you have more than one teen and wish to use Visa Buxx with them too, a separate account must be opened for each teen. Visa Buxx also offers a “Zero Liability” policy that covers lost or stolen cards. That is added security not available with cash.

While Visa Buxx helps teens and parents with establishing a secure financial environment, it can also be used for emergency only funds, buying food for lunch, or educational uses. A parent has the ability to load more money to their teen’s card in a fast manner if an emergency has occurred requiring more funds in a reliable way.

Visa Buxx is offered by many banking institutions that offer Visa credit cards or by Visa directly. For more information on how a Visa Buxx card may be able to help you as a parent teach your teen financial independence, call 1-866-354-9302 at any time or email your questions to Refer to the web site at:, for more details and information.

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