Financial Counseling

Financially overwhelmed?

  • Monthly expenses exceed your monthly income?
  • Struggling to pay your bills each month?
  • Have once manageable debts become unmanageable due to a reduction in income?
  • Feeling the financial strain of mounting medical bills, a recent divorce, or job loss?
  • Receiving letters from creditors?
  • Targeted by collection agencies?
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You are not alone!

We help people gain control of their finances, regardless of the financial issues each individual is dealing with.

We will develop a personal financial plan, customized just for you. From budgeting advice and suggestions for positive spending habits to debt management plans, you and your counselor will work as a team to create a livable spending plan and determine the best plan for achieving your financial goals.

Contact, one of our dedicated credit counselors, or call us at 1.866.210.3589. We can help get you on the path to financial freedom. All calls are free and strictly confidential.