What is Needed to Begin

In most cases, nothing is needed to begin. Making the call is often the first and most important step towards an improved financial situation. Although, if you want to feel more prepared, begin thinking about some different aspects of your finances:

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Current sources of income

This could include money received from paychecks, rent, Social Security, and child support.

Amount of income you expect to earn in the future

Be sure to note any past or future changes in income, wealth or debt such as illness or loss of employment; we may be able to help you manage the changing circumstances.

Debt: who do you owe and how much do you owe?

Gather copies of your latest statements. If you do not have recent copies of your statements, don’t worry – your counselor will help you.


This could include recurring monthly expenses like credit card debt, mortgage and car payments, and student loans or variable monthly expenses like food and clothing.

Financial goals

Where do you want to be in the future? Set goals that are realistic and flexible.