Housing Educational Materials

Our experienced professionals will help you learn more about the process of buying a house and all its complexities. We offer the following programs to you as you pursue the dream of owning a home:

  • HECM and Reverse Mortgage Counseling Programs
  • Dreambuilders Workshop

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HECM and Reverse Mortgage Counseling

Reverse Mortgage Counseling Programs

Reverse Mortgage Counseling provided by Pioneer Credit Counseling, a Housing and Urban Development (HUD) approved reverse mortgage counseling agency, view certification here, helps homeowners age 62 or older understand how they can convert their home’s equity into available cash.

Contact an HECM Counseling Professional or call 605-716-1139 for more information!

More Resources

Prevent Foreclosure - Foreclosure Prevention Programs

Pioneer Credit Counseling believes that foreclosure can be avoided. Through the use of our Simplified Guide to Financial Skills, the Dreambuilder’s Workshop focuses on helping consumers avoid foreclosure.

Contact our Certified Credit Counselors or call 605-716-1139 to reserve your spot today!

Simplified Guide to Financial Life Skills

The Simplified Guide to Financial Life Skills is the workbook we use and is full of valuable information, worksheets, and references. Upon completion, you will be better equipped to start a family budget, deal with your creditors, and conquer financial stress, just to name a few.