General Info

How DMP Works

Debt management is not a quick fix, and often takes 3 – 5 years to complete. Our credit counselors will work with each individual to determine how long it will take to be debt-free.

7 Steps to financial freedom

1. Gather debt information:

Our credit counselors will need current debt information before they can determine an individual’s program requirements. This includes:

  • Account statuses
  • Creditor names
  • Balance transfer, cash advances and large purchase activities
  • Minimum payment amounts
  • Interest rates

2. Please Contact Us:

Please contact one of our certified credit counselors for an individual budget counseling session.
Phone: 866.210.3589

3. Develop a plan:

Financial evaluation:
We begin by reviewing each client’s current financial situation to determine personal financial goals and create a realistic budget to increase savings – we want to explore the best available options for each individual.

Payment plan options:
The goal is to develop a plan that allows an individual to afford the necessities of life, while gradually eliminating debt.

Repayment plan is created:
A repayment plan is customized for each individual based on their unique circumstances and financial situation.

4. Work with your creditors :

Collection calls stop:
Once enrolled, the much-dreaded phone calls from creditors will stop. We contact the creditors in writing and work with them on each individual case. If the collection calls continue, refer them back to us.

Reduced interest rates and payments:
We negotiate with creditors and collection agencies to eliminate late fees, lower interest rates, and reduce payments.

5. Single monthly payment:

Multiple creditor payments are consolidated into a single payment made to Pioneer Credit Counseling.

Payment is disbursed:
We disburse the single monthly payment to the creditors on your behalf.

6. Monthly activity statements:

Individual still receives a monthly statement from their creditors showing how much is paid to each creditor.

7. Debt Freedom!