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Laca Ossenfort

We are committed to the belief, “All people are individuals with purpose and worth.” Each consumer is no less valuable because of financial difficulties than if they were wealthy.


As a non-profit credit counseling agency with over 30 years of experience, we provide credit counseling, budgeting, and debt management programs supported by Christian beliefs. It is our policy not only to help consumers get out of debt, but to educate them in budgeting practices.


Building Pioneer Credit Counseling from the ground up, Laca Ossenfort began counseling local consumers in one on one sessions, helping consumers with budgeting, financial planning, and housing issues. In 2005, Laca Ossenfort with Todd Ossenfort was approved by the Executive Office of the United States Trustee for the administration and delivery of Pioneer Credit Counseling’s Post Bankruptcy Financial Management counseling. The following year Laca Ossenfort successfully obtained approval for the administration of Pre Bankruptcy Credit Counseling courses, designed to help consumers weigh their options when filing bankruptcy.


Laca Ossenfort with Chief Operating Officer Todd Ossenfort have successfully implemented programs that have changed the financial lives of those Pioneer Credit Counseling serves.